Sunday Morning Service: 10:30 a.m.

Compass at Night: 6:00 p.m.

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God made us to live in community. In short, we need one another, especially when facing emotional or psychological distress. No one gets through life without some form of mental anguish. For some of us it's situational, a death in the family, or economic struggles, etc. For others it's something more persistent lasting months or even years. It is with this in mind that a support group was started to help all of us cope better with life's struggles. It is no substitute for mental health care, but may be just what you're looking for.. We meet every Tuesday at 6:00 at Rao's Bakery on Dowlen Rd.   Feel free to message us if you have any questions. 

Faith It,
To Make It.



You don't have to deal with your addiction alone.

We offer a Christian 12 step recovery group that follows the book  "Walking the Twelve Steps with Jesus Christ." This is not an addiction specific step group, and all varying forms of addiction struggles are open for discussion.  This group meets every Friday night at 7:30pm at Christ Community Church at 3311 Calder Rd., Beaumont, TX 77706. Please message us if you have any questions.   

Group Discussion

Compass at

Sunday 5 - 7pm

This service is designed with a focus on the needs  of young adults and is offered in conjunction with the regular Sunday Morning Service or as a stand alone service for those young people who don't wish to attend the morning service. 



Every Wed. night at 6:00pm our youth get a chance to meet up at the church. We open with a lesson, followed by a meal and then we have an activity time. Group runs from 6pm - 8pm. If you have questions, please message us.
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