Christ Community Church of Southeast Texas dba Compass Church

June 5, 2022


Organization Chart

Review Bylaws after technical edit

Under Church Government add agreement to the affirmation of faith.

Removal of Finance Committee is ¾ vote

Remove Finance Committee section b), (2), (d)

Separate under Church Council Governance a),(2), (d)

Church Council 60% lay members

Church Council remove (c) shall not be a deacon on sabbatical

Remove announce in writing

Word elder in Church Council (6)

Add the Church Council must act in a transparent manner

Add the Church Council shall organize themselves and conduct business according Robert Rules of Order

Add the Church Council shall meet at least quarterly or as needed

Officer of Secretary has an automatic position on the Finance Board

Finance Board must have Secretary of the Church and one other member if the Secretary is also the liaison to the Church Council

Reword elder section to make it clear that an elder must be a man

Add caveat to allow elder/deacon to continue to serve if there is no elder pool

Pastor is responsible to communicate needs to council

Staff is defined by the entity that hires them

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