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Leadership Meeting 06/02/22

In this meeting we reviewed the summer schedule, discussed church repairs and more.

See meeting details below.

Go over summer schedule

Recent church repairs

• Fan in nursery

• Replaced faucets

• Hopefully fixed AC in children’s room

Work Day July 2nd

• Move chairs to attic

• Bricked window

• Curtain between wall and drum booth

• Ice machine installed

• Shelf above kitchen counter

• Nursery door cut

Post office box renewal $200

Lease coming up for renewal 1 or 2 years? Council issue

Need NGO

Update officers

Diana reach out to get RSVP and parental consent for lock in.

• I would bet volunteers (Jeff)

• Gary set times for activities

• Diana no unknown youth

Men’s retreat

• Liability form needed


• No specific invite to youth

Small groups

• Trying to keep things smaller will let leadership decide

Andie council issue

• What would the church charge for fundraiser?

• Property owner?

• Risk to public for car wash?

Intentional planning

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