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A place where incredible people who have discovered their gifts and passions via the Growth Track and are actively serving in them. The overall goal is to HAVE FUN serving others.

Dream team list

Directors: Tanner Howell, Noelle Howell

Security Dream Team

Established to ensure the safety of individuals on church grounds. They will monitor sanctuary and parking areas on Sunday.

Gary Johnson (Team Lead)

Damon Taylor

Ed Schlaefli

Prayer Team

Goal: Respond to individual prayer needs within the church, and for the church as a whole.

We pray for God's guidance in everything. Prayer members will lead prayer at 9:45 am on Sunday before service. Prayer members also position themselves in the back during invitation to pray for individuals during this time of service that are seeking prayer.

Ed Schlaefli (Team Lead)

Andie Cormier

Diana Walton Johnson

Edward Schlaefli

Gary Johnson

Jeff Payne

Link Kutscherousky

Noelle Howell

Shearer Taylor

Tanner Howell

Hospitality Team

Goal: See subgroup goals

Coordinator: Noelle Howell

1) Doughnuts/Pastries

Goal: Ensure that doughnuts/pastries are available on Sunday.

Ed Schlaefli (Team Lead)

Link Kutscherousky

Donna (Queeny) Stansberry

Kenny (Broken) Stansberry

Kathy Payne

2) Cafe

Kate Howell (Team Lead)

Andie Cormier (Backup)

Daniel Wells (Backup)

3) Self-Serve Coffee Bar

Goal: Make sure drip coffee is brewed and that coffee condiments are available.

Link Kutscherousky (Team Lead)

Donna (Queeny) Stansberry

4) Parking Lot

Goal: Responsible for directing members and visitors to front and rear parking areas. Welcome people as entering the lot with a wave and a smile. Help people entering and exiting cars if needed and escorting them to entrance if needed. Supply umbrellas during inclement weather.

Team Lead: Damon Taylor

Daniel Wells

Kenny (Broken) Stansberry

5) Door Greeters

Goal: Welcome people upon entry into church. Make sure they have a connection card/ bulletin and or other event materials.

Georgianna (Team Lead)

Mary Glenn

6) Late Greeter

Goal: Welcome those who arrive late to church and direct them to seating.

Kathy Payne (Team Lead)

7) Clean Up

Goal: Make sure that bottles, trash, etc. are picked up after service.

Donna (Queeny) Stansbury (Team Lead)


Kate Howell

Reagan Howell

Georgiana Howell

Communion Dream Team

Goal: See subgroup goals

Coordinator: Tanner Howell

1) Preparing Elements

Goal: Make sure elements are placed in trays and ready before service.

Donna (Queeny) Stansbury (Team Lead)

Link Kutcherousky

Kate Howell (Backup)

Daniel Wells (Backup)

2) Handing Out Elements

Goal: Position three people to hand out elements during service.



Link Kutcherousky

3) Delivering Communion Message

Goal: Follow guidelines for communicating and directing the communion portion of service.

Tanner Howell (Team Lead)

Kenny (Broken) Stansberry

4) Dismissal Prayer

Goal: Close out the service with prayer ad dismiss.

Tanner Howell

InReach Team

Goal: Reach out to church members who may need support/help from the church and communicate this to staff/leaders and/or congregation.

Tanya (Team Lead)

Barbara Weathington

Media Team

Goal: Insure the proper operation of audio and visual equipment during Sunday services or events. Also responsible for social media communication and for the upkeep of church website. Creation of Sunday Ads.

Damon (Team Lead / Website/ Social)

Ed Schlaefli (Team Lead / Stage Sound)

Reagan Howell (Slide Operation)

Diana Johnson (Facebook)

Noelle Howell (Website)

Daniel Wells (Ad Creation)

Kate Howell (Ad Creation)

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