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Updated: Jul 27, 2022

The growing, triumphant and prevailing church, throughout the world

and here in America, is the uncompromising, sin-hating, devil-busting,

Bible-believing, Jesus-loving, Spirit-empowered church. A church that

accommodates the sins of the world might as well just fold now, as they

are not, in any meaningful way, the church. Included, at no extra charge,

in His power to save, is His power to change willing hearts and lives.

Please take your responsibilities seriously, and also bear in mind that

many questions you may have about specific passages have already been

prayerfully considered, negotiated, agonized over, etc. by your counsel

for low these many months. That doesn’t mean they’ve constructed a

perfect document, but they deserve our appreciation and benefit of the

doubt before making in hasty changes.

We will have an after church potluck and discussion on August 7th,

where we will also decide if any edits are warranted, followed by an up

or down vote the following weekend. There will be a private Zoom link,

for church members, so that everyone may attend both events.

For His kingdom reign and glory,

Pastor Jeff

Or click on .pdf below.

Download PDF • 487KB

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